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JKHerman Design can build web sites, how is that for a tag line!?! I am a huge fan of great layout and designs. I'm the type of guy that will tend to close out a web page if it's dull, boring, and looks like a 2nd grader designed it for a class project. Of course, CONTENT is king, and that is a no-brainer, but let's make it look nice while we're at it right! Building sites for me start with a pencil and paper, and then onto my computer. I got burnt on the trend of cookie cutter web sites where in essence they're like an out of the box product. Same set up, change some colors, simple logo in the header, and BOOM you have a web site. Of course it can be that easy, but having a site that makes somebody stand back and go "WOW, you could literally take that to print, and I have a hell of a brochure as well". Taking the approach that you can achieve anything in the graphical part of the design helps get you get a better product in the end.

This doesn't mean that if your looking for a bare bones, simple and elegant site that we can't come through for you! Sometimes that is what a site calls for. White space is always a friend, as long as you have his friends close by, GREAT CONTENT, EYE CATCHING IMAGES, and VALID DEVELOPMENT. Making sure that your site is looking dapper in all browsers is of major importance. You can trust in us that we will make sure that your site functions in the browsers your viewers are using.

We'll soon be adding more samples of our work on here with some explanations. Until then if you have any questions feel free to contact us!

Hello, I am Jason Herman, Owner of JKHerman Design. Born and raised in Iowa, but reside in the great Driftless region of Southwest Wisconsin. Thank you for coming by the site and visiting. Times are moving at a fast pace with an expanding business, being a father of two, a husband, and musician, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Click around, and take a look at the work we've been pushing out as of late. If you see something you like, and feel that JKHD can help you and your company, hit us up on the contact page! Hope to hear from you soon.
Email me if you please!