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What can we digitaly doodle for you?

JKHerman Design has a major love for great designs as stated. Personally, I am always on the prowl whether it's online looking for great layouts, or in a doctor’s office scanning all the magazines for an eye catching piece. I guess I tend to even skip the actual article of a magazine sometimes, is that bad? Since I was a kid, I always loved taking the creative side of my brain, and spilling it out onto paper. I must say that The Smurfs were what got me into art and drawing. I think I have sketched at least 1000 Smurfs in my lifetime. So anyway, at this point you're saying, "What the heck does a Smurf have to do with me getting something designed?" Well it doesn't, it only means that I have had the creative bug since a little shaver, and have years of experience expressing it.

Clients sometimes come to us with just a brief description of what they’re looking for. Sketches on napkins of what their corporate logo should look like, or even bringing me a digital file of where they're currently at, and just say, "Here, FIX IT". It all varies. No matter where you're at with it, consider it a seed, and JKHerman Design is the sunshine and water. We'll make your ideas grow into something that will be the face of your business, express what your trying to get across, or something you'll be darn proud to show off to your friends. Heck, flatter us and get it tattooed if you're feeling crazy.

If you're looking for something as simple as a logo for your business, a t-shirt design for your killer garage band, or a full blown magazine designed, don't hesitate to call JKHerman Design. We've tackled many projects with great results. Let us know how we can help you out!

Hello, I am Jason Herman, Owner of JKHerman Design. Born and raised in Iowa, but reside in the great Driftless region of Southwest Wisconsin. Thank you for coming by the site and visiting. Times are moving at a fast pace with an expanding business, being a father of two, a husband, and musician, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Click around, and take a look at the work we've been pushing out as of late. If you see something you like, and feel that JKHD can help you and your company, hit us up on the contact page! Hope to hear from you soon.
Email me if you please!