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Where is your big shop at?

Starting this company a few years back now already, my goal was to just focus on graphic design, and dabble in some web work. Then after working with a client on a design job that then needed PRINT, and I took care of that side as well a light went on. Why not offer PRINTING as well since I have been in that industry since 1994. No brainer or what? What scared me from jumping in head first was the overhead of printers and supplies, but with the hundreds of connections I found through my years in the "biz", I reached out to my sources and now "work" for them in some sense.

What does that mean for the potential client (that's you if you're reading this), it means you got a guy that can find great pricing, a spot on finished piece for what your project needs, and piece of mind that it's all getting taking care of for you while you kick back, put your feet up on your desk, and wait for us to call and say, "Good news, your order is done and on it's way!" I wish everything was that easy, don't you?

Hello, I am Jason Herman, Owner of JKHerman Design. Born and raised in Iowa, but reside in the great Driftless region of Southwest Wisconsin. Thank you for coming by the site and visiting. Times are moving at a fast pace with an expanding business, being a father of two, a husband, and musician, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Click around, and take a look at the work we've been pushing out as of late. If you see something you like, and feel that JKHD can help you and your company, hit us up on the contact page! Hope to hear from you soon.
Email me if you please!